At the national level, MaMoni HSS works closely with the MOH&FW through the DGHS and DGFP, and the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives (MOLGRD&C), as well as key development partners to identify the priority areas for technical and management support at the national level.

Health Workforce (HWF) Development and Management : MaMoni HSS has been involved in several national level consultations to identify the priorities for strengthening HWF in the country, a focus area for further consultationsin the run up to the development of the fourth HPN Sector Plan. Based on the current draft Health Workforce Strategy (2016-21), MaMoni HSS is collaborating with other development partners, especially WHO and DFATD (Canada), to provide technical assistance to MOH&FW in the implementation of the National Health Workforce Strategy.

Routine Health Information Systems : In partnership with icddr,b, MEASURE, and MSH/SIAPS, MaMoni HSS contributed to the conceptualization, design and initial implementation of a comprehensive automated Routine Health Information System (RHIS). As part of the initiative a Population Registration System (PRS) was piloted in one upazila of Habiganj district and a  digitized management information system (MIS) toolfor the UH&FWCs was developed. The project is also leading the design of automated MIS modules for UH&FWCs, including service modules where ANC, Delivery, PNC, Under-5 Child Care, Immunization, FP, etc. services can be recorded and shared between service providers. The project is also providing technical support to icddr,b to develop an automated community module for Health Assistants (HA) and Family Welfare Assistants (FWA) and SIAPS to develop automated Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) module.

MNCH/N/FP national strategies &technical guidelines : The MaMoni HSS has contributed to the development of national strategies and technical guidelines for priority interventions to End Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD), including the Maternal Health Strategy and MNH Standard Operating Procedures, the national Action Plan for strengthening post-partum family planning; the basic MNCH/FP/N package for non-technical service providers; injectable contraceptive training package for FP workers and CHWs; package on AMTSL, partograph, and PE/E management.

Leadership and Management Capacity Development: The MaMoni HSS is providingtechnical assistance to the MOH&FW and National Institute for Population Research and Training (NIPORT) for designing and institutionalization of a leadership and management capacity development program for HPN sector managers. This includes establishing linkages with the health workforce (HWF) strategy and career plan guidelines, curricula development, and piloting of the program. The program is also working with the MOH&FW to identify additional resources for the initiative and include it in the sector plan.

Photo: Save the Children/ Munia Islam