The project actively engages the existing local government institutions and elected community representatives to provide oversight to the MNCH/FP/N activities in their areas. The project successfully engaged the Union Parishad Chairmen, elected ward members, the Union Education Health and Family Planning Standing Committees (UEHFPSC), Upazila Chairmen, and occasionally the parliamentarians to be actively involved in planning, overseeing and supporting MNCH/FP/N interventions in their respective areas. In addition, the existing committees, such as the UH&FWC management committees, are activated to support the management and quality improvement of the services provided. In several cases, the local government institutions have also come forward to make financial and non-financial contributions to address bottlenecks and resource constraints.

Birth Registration:The project has successfully piloted an improved system for coordination between frontline health workers and the local government.

For more information, please read Local government Engagement Factsheet

Photo: Save the Children/Shafiqul Alam Kiron