Keroya FWV Sufiya

Keroa Union Health and Family Welfare Center in Raypur Upazila of Lakshmipur District was established in 1982, but it took years before it could start providing services. Lack of service providers and poor communication infrastructure discouraged people from visiting this center. However, things started to improve in 2011 when Family Welfare Visitor (FWV) Sufia Begum joined the facility. The delivery room was still in a shambles so the facility could not provide normal delivery services. Sufia, however, started going to houses to conduct deliveries, but only during day because going around was difficult at night.

In a bid to equipping the delivery room both the FWV and the SACMO started approaching people in the health department as well as UP chairmen. It took some time but they began to receive support and finally in June 2014 the facility opened its door to provide 24/7 delivery services. Initially the facility conducted 7/8 deliveries a month.

Sufia took her job seriously. She would make sure that each step of ANC and PNC was carried out, 7.1% CHX was applied at the umbilical cord of a newborn, chlorine solution was made and used and clients were satisfied with the service. Word was out about the good care provided at the facility and the flow of patients picked up, and at one stage pregnant women from neighboring unions also started coming here. In recent months the facility has been hosting more than 50 normal deliveries a month.

Thanks to the efforts of the FWV and SACMO, the Union Parishad has also involved itself with development of the facility. The UP paid Tk 1,38,000 to procure color coded bins, fan and chairs and fix doors and set up dumping pit. In 2015 Sufia Begum was awarded as the best FWV of Chittagong Division.

MaMoni HSS Project started operation in the district in late 2013. In the years that followed the project organized a series of training for the service providers on ANC, PNC, AMTSL, Labor Room Protocol, administering CHX, Sepsis Management. MCH Register, FP methods etc to ensure quality service.

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