Bahubal Upazila Health Complex now wears a neat and clean look. Patients do not have to bear with foul smell from its backyards. The different parts of the hospital complex are no more littered with garbage, which is now gathered in newly installed bins. The hospital corridor is adorned with flower pots that show signs of regular care.
Changes go much beyond cleanliness. Staff absenteeism has declined and they attend their duties in time. Separate lines have been established for men and women for collecting ticket or medicine. A sound-box has been put up to share health messages such as danger signs of pregnant women and newborns, vaccination, importance of nutritious food. Colorful posters and digital stickers are pasted on the wall which warn the patients against littering, exchanging money for care, honking in the hospital vicinity. Every morning the list of medicine allocated by the government is displayed.
Over the last eight months Bahubal Upazila Health Complex has witnessed change driven by Dr Babul Kumar Das, the acting Upazila Health & Family Planning Officer (UHFPO), who joined the facility in February this year. “I am just seeing to it that patients get proper care. I have asked my colleagues to do their duties as per their job description. I am trying to make sure the facility is cleaned up regularly because it is very much part of quality care,” Das says when asked about his efforts.
Recently a children’s corner has been established within the women’s ward. There is also a breastfeeding corner in the IMCI room. The equipment used to screen SAM have been repaired. The delivery room has been tidied up with colored bins, plastic stand and almirah neatly organized.
He occasionally goes out into the field without prior notice. Every month he sits with his staff to discuss issues affecting their work and gives instruction to resolve them. “I am just trying to do our job well. Our job is to serve the patients,” Das responds modestly when asked what motivates him.